God is uniting the Body of Christ.

Our mission is to help bring unity through tools for connection and media resources for Good News causes.

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Dylan Raines is a social entrepreneur, minister, missionary, musician, web developer and technology consultant with a heart to see the Body of Christ better connected with each other and for those in ministry and serving others to have the best online communication tools for sharing the Good News with the world. He is based in the Salem, Oregon area.

Raines Ministries provides web design, website development, website management, social media engagement, promotion, general technology consulting and support for churches, ministries, missionaries and other Good News causes using a "freely give; freely receive" model. That means our sole focus is on providing the best solutions for every client, trusting our clients and supporters to fund our work. Our goal is to put generosity as the foundation for each end of the transaction.

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The Devil is in the Details

I’ve been thinking lately about the phrase that goes “the devil is in the details.”

Details are what often divide us. There is so much we might all agree about as followers of Jesus. We all likely agree that we have received salvation through believing in Him. We might all agree that prayer is important to our walk with God. We might all agree..

Yet it seems that when we start to create more details about what following Jesus should look like, we tend to become more divided and less involved with our fellow members in the Body of Christ.

Unity, love for one another and God’s Kingdom powerfully moving on earth as it is in heaven through us are the fruits of a people focused on Jesus, together. Let us be that people.

Let all that divides us fade away.

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After the Walk – What’s Next?

Last Monday I had the honor of being a speaker at a Rally for Foster Children in front of the State Capitol in Salem. I was immensely blessed by the prayers and encouragement I received before speaking. Here’s the video from my speech if you are interested in watching.

I wanted to update you about where God is leading now that my prayer walk of the coast has completed for this season.

It’s been over 8 years since I left life in the corporate world and began traveling with the simple focus to share God’s Love with every person I meet. I’ve traveled nearly every state in the U.S., walked thousands of miles up and down the west coast, greyhounded across the country multiple times and had more impactful, life-changing moments with people than I can count. I can honestly say that there is no better way to live than placing our complete trust and faith in God to meet our needs when we seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and let that completely be our vision, and seek to share His Love and the way He sees us as His children with others.

Now there is an 8-years-in-the-making transition God is doing in my life that is both exciting and a little scary (in an exciting way). I am planting roots in the Salem, Oregon area and launching full-steam-ahead into full-time ministry, serving as a Prayer and Media Missionary at the Salem House of Prayer, increasing activity with Pray Oregon (check out the new Pray Oregon website, just launched) and looking for ways I can use the gifts and talents God has given me to serve churches, ministries and the Body of Christ across Oregon.

I believe the Holy Spirit is uniting the Body of Christ which is bringing transformation to our cities, our state and nation. I believe my role within what God is doing is first and foremost connecting with people to build relationship, because relationship with God and with each other is what brings life and empowers us to do what we are called to do.

I will also be using my abilities in media design and technology to help churches, ministries, missionaries and Good News causes take full advantage of today’s tools for connecting with each other and sharing the Gospel with the world. I believe that is one area that we as followers of Jesus can use with greater excellence and I will offer those services on a volunteer or “love offering” basis so that my sole focus is on serving anyone in the Body of Christ who may benefit or find value in what I can do.

Is there anything I may be able to do to serve you in that area? Is there anything God has given you vision to do that would benefit from having a website or other communication tools? I would be honored to partner with you in what God is doing as we see His Kingdom reigning on earth.

If you would like to partner with me financially in this transition and next season of life and ministry, please click here to visit the giving page and choose the option that works best for you. Thank you!

Thank you for reading my update and thank you for your connection.
God is so good!

Dylan Raines

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The Responsibility of Following Jesus

What if we saw Jesus in the mirror every time we looked? How would that change how we see ourselves?

Following Jesus is a responsibility. Not in the sense of being punished if we fail, but in that walking in the steps of Christ fills us with His grace-empowered-presence that gives us the ability to respond to everything that is less than Heaven’s best for our world in way that brings God’s Kingdom to greater manifestation here on earth.

Jesus has set us free to not only do what He did, but as the true heart of every servant-leader is to empower their followers to surpass them, He said “greater works than these will you do.

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A story of a young meeting Jesus

Last night I met a young man named Luke from Washington at a campsite on the central Oregon Coast.

He was completely disconnected from family and angry at life, yet also experiencing the tastes of freedom from bicycling down the coast, with plans not to stop until reaching San Diego and figuring out what’s next at that point.

We talked for about two hours, swapping life stories and dreams and discussing what it means to be free. That’s when I started talking about the freedom and peace of relationship and finding one’s identity in the man Jesus.

I was able to communicate who Jesus is in a way he said he’d never heard being raised in church and he said he would like to have that kind of relationship. We prayed for a bit and I saw a complete change in him. The anger, at least that had come out from discussing his past, was then absent. It was a very peaceful night.

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