The Devil is in the Details

I’ve been thinking lately about the phrase that goes “the devil is in the details.”

Details are what often divide us. There is so much we might all agree about as followers of Jesus. We all likely agree that we have received salvation through believing in Him. We might all agree that prayer is important to our walk with God. We might all agree..

Yet it seems that when we start to create more details about what following Jesus should look like, we tend to become more divided and less involved with our fellow members in the Body of Christ.

Unity, love for one another and God’s Kingdom powerfully moving on earth as it is in heaven through us are the fruits of a people focused on Jesus, together. Let us be that people.

Let all that divides us fade away.


  1. Ted Sugges
    May 31, 2018

    My sentiments exactly! Finally! I’ve found someone who seems to agree with me fully! Christians are at a point in history when I think we need to look at those things where we agree – the core belief! I look forward to your posts! God Bless

    1. Dylan Raines
      June 01, 2018

      Thank you for your connection, Ted! What is your core belief?

  2. Ron
    June 02, 2018

    Good points. Christ is the common denominator, in whom we should keep our focus the best we can with all the distractions surrounding us.


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